For more sustainable, efficient, people-oriented workspaces

Transform your space into a unique & intelligent office space that is efficient, enhances wellbeing, and improves business performance by creating an ecosystem of devices, applications and processes that bring your digital workplace alive.

Empower occupants to control their workspace: connected teams can easily find each other, spontaneously jump into a free meeting room, and keep their workspaces clean, secure, and efficient.

Spaceworx offers a comprehensive set of Plug & Play smart solutions to help facility managers and landlords manage their spaces effectively while ensuring occupants comfort and experience.


Improve space management

Identify unoccupied meeting rooms, workstations, parking slots and other spaces and utilize them better.


Increase Security and Safety

Protect occupants & workspaces with visitor management & monitoring solutions and emergency fault detection solutions.


Create a healthier space

Enhance your occupants’ wellbeing by monitoring air quality, social distancing, occupancy counting & thermal scanning.


Improve reliability & comfort

Understand overall performance of your workspace with real time analytics and take proactive actions to remediate faulty systems and ensure business continuity.

Products & Bundles

We offer an extensive collection of IoT-based, smart products, connectors, and bundled solutions from a range global partners

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