Spaceworx Memoori White Paper

How Can
Smart Building Technology Become Mainstream?

Spaceworx partnered with the experts in smart building industry research, Memoori, to develop this white paper, through extensive studies that included interviews with key market stakeholders and a survey of over 1,000 building end-users

A Brief Introduction

The white paper discusses how smart building technology can and should be a part of the everyday, to meet the fast-growing digitised needs of the real estate world. It takes a deep look into the problems that real estate owners and users face, why smart building technology has failed to be addressed in the mainstream, the solutions that are possible, and how Spaceworx can play a part in finding answers for all stakeholders. 


A Quick Look at the Chapters

The white paper begins with an overview of the key issues that are restricting mainstream market adoption of smart building technology and how solutions can act as catalysts to growth. It then highlights the main problems of digital transformation, including the underestimation of costs, complexities and specialist skill requirements and the need for improved stakeholder alignment, and much more. 

The solutions required are addressed through a detailed look at drivers, trends and strategic approaches to achieve mainstream adoption over the next 10 years, which is also possible by working with Spaceworx, as we have extensive experience in working with stakeholders across the supply chain to guide you through your Smart Building development journey. 

What Industry Leaders Are Saying

Leaders from around the world agree that smart solutions are the way forward to creating an integrated and sustainable future that evolves as rapidly as the world does.

“All too often the brief is: “I want a smart building” but they don’t engage an integrator earlyAnd because the integration is difficult to procure, they don’t know who to go to, and it ends up being the very last thing that is procured.

Rob Huntington

Master Systems

I think of a truly smart building like a human body. Each organ has internal smarts but for true smartness they need to operate together.

Hui Min Chan

Director, DP Architects

Three years agothey didn’t really care about green building and sustainabilityNow... Everything they touch has to be green and future proofed going forward.

Charles Reed Anderson

Chief Strategy Officer at Eight Inc.


Download your copy of the White Paper below.

While terms like ‘smart’ and ‘smart technology’ have been around for years as an answer to being a responsible and sustainable business, the actual implementation of solutions is not as well-known as it should, especially in the real estate industry. This white paper takes a deep-dive look into the actual situation, why professionals have been hesitant to implement the technology, and how these specific problems can be overcome. After understanding all these areas, you will also get to know how Spaceworx offers the ideal solutions with cost-effective methods, while addressing these issues at the same time.