Smart hospital solutions to increase operational efficiency and patient care

The Healthcare industry is constantly facing new challenges: amidst changing regulations & fighting new diseases, a hospital must strive to lower operational costs, optimise limited space, provide a clean, safe environment for patients and staff while creating high-quality care.

Empower your hospital staff & management to streamline their work processes: collaborate better to reduce patient waiting time, increase patient satisfaction and maximise ROI.

Spaceworx offers a comprehensive set of Plug & Play smart healthcare solutions that help hospital facility managers, technicians and IT departments manage their hospitals, clinics, and laboratories effectively while ensuring patient comfort and care.


Improve space management

Identify unoccupied consultation rooms, operating theaters, parking slots and other spaces to reduce waiting time, increase efficacy and utilise limited spaces better.


Create a healthier space

Enhance your occupants’ wellbeing by monitoring air quality, social distancing, occupancy and & foot fall counting and thermal scanning .


Increase Security and Safety

Protect patient & staff safety with visitor management & monitoring solutions. Predict & prevent breakdowns & downtime using emergency fault detection solutions .


Keep your hospital clean-always

Understand the type of waste collected and improve the disposal & recycling process. Calculate bin frequency and identify bin locations quickly to optimize collection schedules.


Improve reliability & comfort

Understand overall performance of your hospital with real time analytics and take predictive maintenance actions to remediate issues. Ensure business continuity, maximise ROI and patient comfort.

Products & Bundles

We offer an extensive collection of IoT-based, smart products, connectors, and bundled solutions from a range global partners

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