The Pre-integrated PropTech Marketplace

Assemble smart building digital twins and smart workplace solutions quickly, easily, and cost-effectively


Find pre-integrated products and
pre-configured automations from
the marketplace.


Bring them together like 'LEGO
blocks', or pick from pre-packaged bundles. Find trained experts who
can help.


Get them in action with minimal turnaround time, and make your spaces smarter and fun places to be.

Empowering the Construction & Real Estate Industry

Spaceworx empowers landlords, tenants, and operators in more ways than one.

‘Compose’ your smart workplace/ building solutions easily. Start simple and scale your smart solutions as your requirements evolve.

Not sure where to start? No problem. A team of smart building and workplace experts are here to help you navigate the complexities.

Spaceworx has a growing ecosystem of product and service partners, with whom we coordinate the procurement of the solutions you want.

We actively work with our product partners to keep our ‘connectors’ up to date, so that your smart solutions stay future-proof.

Redefining Smart Solution Procurement

Thanks to our pre-packaged solution bundles and coordination services,
you can save time on lengthy procurement cycles.

Our Solution Bundles,

Health & Wellbeing
Smart FM
Smart FM
Space Optimisation
Space Optimisation
Occupant Experience
Occupant Experience

Enabling the Composable Workplace

Build your own digital twin or smart office solution, and scale as your requirements grow

Composable Workplace is the evolution of Smart Building and Workplace solutions from inflexible, monolithic ones, towards a heterogeneous, modular scheme that is more adaptable to business change.

Thanks to Composable Workplace, you can assemble pre-built, packaged business solution components to create end-to-end solutions to suit your needs. You can also tailor them to meet your unique business requirements.

We work with an ecosystem of Proptech and other products there are open to integration using APIs. Whether it’s a Smart Building Digital Twin or an integrated Smart Office that you need, Spaceworx has got your back!

The Spaceworx Ecosystem

The marketplace for the composable workplace









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