Dr. Hari Gunasingham


Dr. Hari Gunasingham is a Singaporean technology entrepreneur with a long history of innovation. His first venture was an instrumentation company, which became the pre-eminent company in the field. He sold the company in 2001 to Thermo- Fischer to focus on the development of solutions for Smart Buildings.


Dr. Gunasingham’s expertise is in the field of Analytical Science, Cybernetics and Control Systems. He has a BSc First Class Honours and PhD from the Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, London. He taught and did research at several leading institutions for over a decade, notably, Imperial College, London, National University of Singapore and British Petroleum, UK. He has published over 60 refereed research papers and has several international patents to his name.


Dr. Gunasingham has received several awards including the National Young Scientist and Engineer Award in 1988, awarded by the National Science and Technology Board, Singapore and the EDN Asia, Innovator Award in 1996. In 1995, the Prime Minister of Canada, Jack Chretian presented him an award for his contributions to technology development in Asia.


In more recent years, Dr. Gunasingham has been recognised internationally as a leading innovator at the intersection of technology and real estate. In June 2006, Dr. Gunasingham was awarded the Realcomm (a global Real Estate Advisory) Digie Award for, among others, being one of the first to envision integrated IB based enterprise-building concepts. In 2008 and 2010, he was nominated as one of 35 people to watch by Realcomm USA, the. This was culminated by a Lifetime Achievements Award, also by Realcomm in June 2018.


In August 2009, Dr Gunasingham founded the Sigma Sustainability Network and Institute, which develops and implements enabling technologies and methodologies for managing sustainability within organisations.


Dr Gunsingham has been the visionary behind several smart city projects including Dubai Festival City, Cairo Festival City, Downtown Doha and Barangaroo in Sydney, Australia.